$5 Video Series!

For 8 weeks in a row, starting Wednesday November 7th, Shutter16.com will debut a new video from Your Fuzzy Friends that was made for a mere $5! How is this possible? Well, Your Fuzzy Friends have been spending hours upon hours scouring the listings on Fiverr.com (a website where people post what they are willing to do for $5) and have found some truly hilarious, bizarre, and downright amazing artists willing to sell their wares for a measly five spot! 8 weeks. 8 goofy songs. 8 unique videos. Tune in every Wednesday in November and December to see what diabolical monstrosity comes next! On this page, we will post them all in order!

WEEK #1: Don't Touch My Mustache!

WEEK #2: Banana Hammock!

WEEK #3: Mathletes!

WEEK #4: Mongoloid!

WEEK #5: G.I.R.L.N.E.R.D. (feat Blak Angel)

WEEK #6: Mixed Tapes & 45s

WEEK #7: Gay Little Hipster!

WEEK #8: The Unicorn Song