Sunday, July 12, 2015

Cazwell, Hank and Cupcakes, Your Fuzzy Friends, Drag Performers & More to Kick Off Charlotte PRIDE!!

This year SHIPROCKED! is going hard to kick off Charlotte Pride with our biggest Pride week show and party to date, with performances by the Queen City's Punk Drag Superstar, BethAnn Phetamine, the crazy puppet dance pop of Your Fuzzy Friends , Brooklyn's electro dance dup Hank & Cupcakes and very special guest headliner, rapper and gay icon, the one-and-only CAZWELL!
Of course, it's Shiprocked, so expect glittery gogo dancers, underground rock and dance music, wild party vibes and the sexiest and most diverse crowd in town!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Homoground Podcast Featured Us! Check it Out!

Hey, thanks so much to Homoground Podcast for featuring Your Fuzzy Friends in the latest episode!

Click the link below for the episode and be sure to start following Homoground on iTunes! It's the biggest and best all gay music podcast! And you really gotta hear the rest of the music on this episode, it's f'in amazing!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Top 5 Dumpsters to Give a BJ Behind in Plaza Midwood!

In conjunction with Episode #2 of the Your Fuzzy Friends Half Hour Radio Hour, here's the Top 5 Dumpsters to Give a BJ Behind in Plaza Midwood! These are the pictures to correspond with the podcast conversation! Thanks to YFF merch girl Brian B. for coming in the studio with us!

**Click any pic to enlarge!**

#5) The Dumpster Complex Behind Common Market/Whiskey Warehouse!

This is perfect for late night drunken oral! In addition to the two dumpsters, there are numerous rolling trashcans you can arrange into a partition of sorts!

#4) The Diamond

The U-shape of the fence surrounding the dumpster ensures the maximum privacy while servicing privates!

#3) Petras

Aside from the reasonable amount of privacy provided by the fences around the dumpster behind Petras, there is the added bonus of a rotting mattress which you can employ to take some pressure off your knees!

#2) The Dumpster/Abandoned U-Haul Area Behind House of Africa

 This an ideal area to for felating the object of your temporary affections! There is both a dumpster AND an unused U-Haul with ample protection from prying eyes and patrolling lawmen! 

#1) The Sherwin Williams Dumpster Next to Snug Harbor

What is great about this is how far back in the parking lot this dumpster sits as well as the triangular privacy area directly behind the dumpster! If you are at Snug Harbor, you cannot trust the dumpsters in either of Snug's alleys. One has rats, the other has foot traffic and everyone urinates back there! Sherwin Williams is by far the best bet!

Hope to see you all there!

Don't forget to visit our friends at!  
PS: We owe this idea to Sparkle Hooves from Atlanta!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Friday, January 2, 2015

Thanks to Q-Notes for Your Fuzzy Friends Article!

Thanks so much to North Carolina gay magazine Q-Notes for the story on Your Fuzzy Friends in today's issue!

“Here, need to do some Christmas shopping?” Lee Grutman asks upon welcoming me into his home in Plaza-Midwood.

He hands me a box full of sex toys and tells me to take whatever I like.

The Christmas shopping comment may be a joke, but he really does want me to take something home with me, if I care to, and as I peruse the comically oversized dildos, the cock ring with built-in clitoral stimulator and the rest of the most-definitely-inappropriate-for-anyone-on-my-Christmas-list items, I consider how this is, weirdly enough, a rather fitting beginning to our interview.

I’ve known Grutman for about a year or so, and this gesture definitely fits with his overall style: goofy, playful, irreverent, unabashed and straightforward. That also doubles as a fairly accurate summation of the music he makes, under the name Your Fuzzy Friends.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Thursday Oct. 16th - Shiprocked! On Mars!

Come out to Snug Harbor this Thursday and celebrate retro, low-budget, sci-fi camp with us at SHIPROCKED! on MARS!
Dancing Martians and Sexy Space Babes, sci-fi flicks on the big screen, out-of-this-world performances by BethAnn Phetamine, Cherry Von Bomb, Shirley Sweet and Your Fuzzy Friends, and don't forget to get decked out in your cosmic finest for the COSTUME CONTEST!
And, it's a FREE PARTY, so don't miss out on all of the fun...beam yourselves out to Shiprocked, and set your phasers to PARTY!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Your Fuzzy Friends Pics From the Charlotte Pride Parade!

For the first time ever Your Fuzzy Friends participated in the Charlotte Pride Parade as part of the Shiprocked/Snug Harbor float. Thanks to Scott Weaver and the Snug crew for having us! Charlotte Pride drew over 100,000 people this year!
w/ Carolina Gold Drum and Bugle Corps

w/ Scott Weaver from Shiprocked

Just about to start the parade.

w/out the wig and glasses

w/ Kaitlyn from Gore Gore Luchadores

w/ Meredith from Gore Gore Luchadores